Who we are

  • Equity of gender and race and ethnicity
  • Equity of representation and political participation
  • Enforceability of women's rights
  • Intervention in policies to combat inequalities
  • Recognition of the right of all peoples to nature

This principle is based on the understanding of the interrelation between the various types of oppression against women and, consequently, on the need to fight for equity in these spheres, acting to transform reality.

Without equity in political representation and participation women's demands and rights become invisible in the power and decision-making spaces where laws are made and public policies defined.

The enforceability of rights constitutes one of the ways to achieve equity. In this sense, the construction of a conscience with the women of the importance of fighting and demanding their rights is the first step towards their experience.

Social control is the basis of the main elements of democracy, such as political participation, the exercise of citizenship and dialogue. Therefore, the monitoring of public policies in order to influence them should be a priority for social organizations that seek to combat inequalities.

Nature and human being make up a symbiosis. There is no life without this integration. Therefore, this right constitutes a right to one's own survival.

How we act

The Feminist Space acts on several levels - local, national, regional and global - with this performance being differentiated at each of these levels.

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At the local level our work is very focused on a community or several communities within the same municipality. At this level, our work has the perspective of focusing on the condition of women's lives, being a more direct action and guided by the principles, guidelines and methodological guidelines. Thus, EF defines where and how it will act and seeks to support groups of local women, giving priority to groups that have already been organized, but giving opportunities for the emergence of new leaders. With the objective of empowering these women, the work developed always respects the role of women at each stage and throughout the process.


At the state level, the work developed by the EF seeks to create links between the different groups and their movements of women and women of the mixed movements, making possible the exchange of knowledge, experiences and practices. Considering that our work links urban and rural, one of our strategies is to always work with urban and rural groups, thus making the relationships between urban and rural within the same municipality, as well as between groups of different municipalities, giving prominence to the various voices, identities and valuing all plurality.


At the national level, the action takes place through partnerships with mixed movements and of women and with networks that work in the same field. Also at the national level, the relationship and action is in the sense of exchanging knowledge and practices, strengthening the actions of groups and jointly and jointly advocating for spaces of social control and improvement in the formulation and monitoring of public policies. We come together to learn, to strengthen ties and experiences, and to share our strategies and experiences.


At the global level we work through our networks and coalitions and seek to strengthen and give visibility to the work done at both the local and territorial level and at the state level. Our focus is to create spaces for discussion in the global arena where global actions are defined, taking the voices of women and also showing the results of the studies, the explanations to some questions from the experiences of women. Again, we use global spaces as a way of sharing experiences and knowledge between organizations from other countries and continents, allowing us to understand these elements in different contexts and cultures. Finally, linking our women's groups to women from all over the world, building solidarity and alliances together we can achieve effective change.